Change Management

Our Approach

WCG’s people-focused organizational change management services develop an empowered culture that embraces change and innovation regardless of the size or complexity of the project. We treat organizational change management as an ongoing process tended to throughout the project, rather than a one-time event.

From the start of a project, our Prosci-certified Change Practitioners help our client’s staff become engaged and aware of the future state—including updated business processes, changes in job responsibilities, new services for customers, and implementation of new technology—and start building the desire and knowledge to change. This framework results in a higher likelihood of project success and post-go-live stability due to greater engagement and quicker and more complete adoption of the implemented changes.

How we help

Change Management Services

Organizational Change Management Plan

Develop a customized Organizational Change Management Plan that will be utilized throughout all project phases to tactfully address the people side of change by providing greater project visibility and successfully guiding the staff through the change.

Test Scripts

Translate Functional Requirements and client-specific processes into custom Test Scripts to ensure successful delivery of promised beginning-to-end functionality.

Test Plan

Create an exhaustive Test Plan that outlines the testing phases, approach, schedule, and roles and responsibilities.

Testing Management

Provide Testing Management including test case assignment, resource management, defect reporting and tracking, status reports, and collaborating with the Project Manager to track against entry/exit criteria.

Training Needs Assessment

Identify and document the training rationale and objectives then perform a business process impact evaluation and end-user task analysis matrix that lists all processes, business units, and impacted users that require documentation and training, including new business processes and changes in day-to-day activities, as part of the Training Needs Assessment.

Training Plan

Prepare a detailed Training Plan including the curriculum, training format, timeline, etc.

Training Materials

Compose required Training Materials with step-by-step screenshots that are useful for functional group or individual training sessions and as an ongoing onboarding resource.

End-User Training Leadership

Design, organize, and deliver effective End-User Training to ensure go-live readiness.

Post-Training Evaluation

Perform a Post-Training Evaluation to obtain feedback on if the objectives were met effectively and develop any applicable action plans.

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