Client Advisory

Our Approach

WCG offers client advisory services at all phases of the project lifecycle. We recognize that the complexity of interconnected systems, processes, and people requires a holistic view instead of a siloed approach. As a result, WCG looks enterprise-wide to identify opportunities for process improvement, integration enhancements, innovation, and automation.

How we help

Client Advisory Services

Discovery Sessions

Lead a collaborative and exhaustive process with business SMEs via structured Discovery Sessions, staff workshops, interviews, and deep-dive shadowing sessions to observe all system touchpoints and fully assess the “As Is” state.

Needs Assessments

Start with the underlying problem/need, not the solution, to conduct methodical Needs Assessments, focusing on current pain points, manual and error-prone processes, duplicated effort, and process and system inefficiencies.

Gap Analyses

Perform Gap Analyses building off the Needs Assessments to characterize the gap between the current and desired state in terms of the magnitude, value, and urgency of each factor.

Improvement Opportunities

Prioritize process and systems-focused Improvement Opportunities based on the most critical initiatives and measured business value delivered to our client (e.g., increased operational efficiency, improved customer experience, etc.), while integrating best practices and modern system solutions.

Business Process Design

Map, design, and re-engineer business processes to deliver streamlined and optimized processes with the focus of improving operational effectiveness for increased performance, enhancing the overall customer journey, and maximizing ROI.

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Strategic Plan

Develop an effective and feasible Strategic Plan that defines new business objectives and capabilities, considering both short-term goals and long-term planning to achieve the desired outcomes.

Technology Roadmap

Design an appropriate Technology Roadmap to support the Strategic Plan that logically sequences desired technology changes while taking critical system interfaces and internal resources into account.

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