Jeff Liew

Jeff Liew

Sr. Implementation Consultant

Vancouver, Canada

Jeff has led multiple system implementations and upgrades. With a specialized focus on Finance and Work Management, he successfully leads projects aimed at optimizing operational efficiency. His background in accounting, purchasing, and warehouse management enables him to bring a holistic perspective to ERP implementations, driving process improvements and ensuring seamless integration.

Jeff is adept at identifying and resolving system issues, leveraging his expertise in business process improvements to streamline workflows and maximize system functionality. In addition to his hands-on experience in ERP implementation, he excels in providing comprehensive training and testing support to end-users and stakeholders. Furthermore, his strong communication skills allow him to effectively connect with users at all levels of the organization, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment of goals and objectives.

Jeff earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and a Diploma in Technology Financial Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.