Rob Whitlock

Rob Whitlock

Founding Partner

Beaufort, SC

Rob co-founded WCG in 2013 after seeing that there was a need to challenge the status-quo of utility consulting. The goal was to provide a tailored, hands-on, higher value-added consulting and advisory service using an innovative and process-driven approach.

Rob has spent his entire career, almost four decades, in the utility software industry and has multiple performance awards to his credit. He has worked with and is well-versed in the pain points of utilities of all types and sizes throughout the country.

Rob is a critical asset for contract / SOW development and negotiations, identifying and mitigating project risks, maintaining stakeholder approval, and seeing projects through to successful completion. Given Rob’s career-long industry experience, he carries broad expertise and a professional network across the full spectrum of market-leading utility software providers. His many years of management experience have given him professional leadership skills, including team development, assessment, and motivation. Rob brings this rich leadership history to any project with which he is involved.