Tiffany Luna

Tiffany Luna

Sr. Implementation Consultant

Vancouver, Canada

Tiffany has spent her entire career working with utilities, municipalities, and manufacturing companies to improve their everyday business processes by delivering critical system improvements and replacements. Focusing on the full end-to-end software implementation lifecycle, Tiffany has valuable experience delivering business best practices, exhaustive system testing, effective end-user training, and documentation creation for each project. Throughout this process, she helps empower businesses and employees to take ownership of the product and gain the knowledge and confidence to thrive as they move forward.

Tiffany brings experience delivering cloud-based, on-prem, and hybrid solutions with a full understanding of both the technical and functional effects of each deployment methodology. She is an exceptional communicator allowing her to be the most effective advocate for both front-line workers and executive-level management alike. Similarly, her technical expertise paired with her interpersonal skills enables her to act as an invaluable bridge between the technical consultants and the operational end-user.

Tiffany earned her Bachelor of Commerce with Honours from McMaster University, Canada.