Process Engineering

Our Approach

Process engineering is a core differentiator of WCG’s service offering. We provide valuable solutions that leverage the core functionality of our client’s systems, avoid costly modifications, and deliver significant efficiency improvements. WCG will constantly keep an eye on process improvement opportunities throughout each project stage.

How we help

Process Engineering Services

Needs Assessments

Start with the underlying problem/need, not the solution, to conduct methodical Needs Assessments, focusing on current pain points, manual and error-prone processes, duplicated effort, and process and system inefficiencies.

Gap Analyses

Perform Gap Analyses building off the Needs Assessments to characterize the gap between the current and desired state in terms of the magnitude, value, and urgency of each factor.

Business Process Design

Map, design, and re-engineer business processes to deliver streamlined and optimized processes with the focus of improving operational effectiveness for increased performance, enhancing the overall customer journey, and maximizing ROI.

Process Optimization

Lead Process Optimization efforts focused on integrating the newly sourced technologies and re-engineered processes to take full advantage of connectivity and real-time data analysis. WCG has specific Six Sigma expertise also focused on process / routing design, standard vs. actual calculations, measuring all variances, CNC programming, Poka-Yoke design, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), CAD/CAM, and collaborating with business intelligence specialists to develop KPI dashboards.

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