Software Selection

Our Approach

WCG partners with our clients to navigate through a robust and effective software selection and procurement process as we apply decades of industry and software expertise to enable our clients to identify the optimal solutions for their business.

Our software selection services are rooted in our proven methodology for developing RFP requirements and our proprietary data-driven evaluations, tailored demonstration scripts, and client-protecting contract negotiations.

How we help

Software Selection Services

Functional & Technical Requirements

Develop and document exhaustive and clear Functional & Technical Requirements that are tailored to our client’s current and future business needs and set the foundation for full-project traceability.

Evaluation Criteria

Lead a methodic Evaluation Criteria workshop to derive the appropriate proposal / vendor evaluation categories (e.g., company background and experience, references, functionality, implementation approach, support, Total Cost of Ownership, etc.), specific topics and criteria for each category, and the appropriate scoring for each to ensure the evaluation process aligns with our client’s value drivers and project objectives.

RFP Development

Partner with our client to develop customized RFPs that accurately reflect the desired outcomes and are structured in a way that elicits consistent and comparable responses while integrating the custom Evaluation Criteria to ensure the strengths of the finalist vendors align with the true needs of our client.

Product Demonstration Scripts

Create customized Product Demonstration Scripts that directly tie to our client’s key Functional Requirements and translate “To Be” processes into specific use cases. During these valuable product demonstrations, vendors demo actual system functionality, empowering our client to score each vendor’s demonstration based on critical qualities such as pre-built automation, innovative potential, intuitive user interface, ease of change management, alignment and integration with other systems and processes, etc.

Proposal Evaluations & Finalist Determination

Leverage WCG’s Vendor Evaluation Toolset to facilitate and lead our client through a quantifiable and data-driven process for the review, evaluation, and scoring of all proposals. WCG’s proven Proposal Evaluation process allows for natural differentiation between vendors and facilitates the decision-making process, providing confidence in the selected path forward.

Confirmation Review

Work with our client and the selected vendor(s) during Confirmation Review to eliminate any ambiguity and minimize risk by confirming joint understanding of all crucial requirements, reviewing all proposed system modifications, clarifying all assumptions, and updating effort and pricing accordingly to result in a best and final offer (BAFO).

Statement of Work Development

Coordinate and conduct sessions with the selected vendor(s) to come to a well-defined and agreed-upon Statement of Work that clearly defines expectations on the work that will be delivered and who will be doing what, which is paramount to a successful project.

Contract Negotiations

Drive Contract Negotiations for the selected proposal that protects our client’s best interests, including development, leadership, and advisory guidance throughout the contracting and approval process.

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